Never Ending Chit-Chat #4

Never ending Chit-Chat #4

Boy: So, have you made up your mind on who you’ll vote for?
Girl: Any party that does not oppose Valentine’s day celebrations. <smiles>
B: Right! That’s the most important issue!
G: No, the issue is being able to live with freedom…
B: But, what’s the point of freedom without any development?
G: Hmmm…
B: Hmmm…
G: The new blood might be the only option…
B: You know, when a new treatment is discovered, it usually goes through rigorous clinical trials before it is given to humans —
G: Hello! Life is not pharma!
B: Yeah. But is the country’s life any less important?
G: Hmmm… You know what, you become the leader, I’ll vote for you. <blushes>
B: I’m not able to handle this relationship only! Forget the nation…
G: <laughs> Forget all this. First tell me, how is Rahul Gandhi youth?


photo credit: ·júbilo·haku· via photopin cc


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