Never-ending chit-chat #3

Never-ending Chit-chat #3


He: How is this shirt?
She: Pchk.
H: Ok, how about this one?
S: Baah… <super-excited face> Try this one.
H: Oho, why don’t you ever like the ones that I pick?
S: B’coz, shona, you look good only when seen through my eyes. And I always want you to look good, no. <pouting>
H: OMFG. I’m just your barbie doll, ain’t I?
S: Obviously!
H: Emm. <smiles> Ok. Promise me that you won’t put lipstick, powder, make-up and that shit.
S: <Angry face>
H: What? Promise me.
S: Don’t you ever call make-up shit. Ever. Again.

LoL – Lots of Love

photo credit: Brandon Christopher Warren via photopin cc

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