Never-ending Chit-Chat #1

Never-ending Chit-Chat #1

I love you


He: So, tell me, give me one good reason why you want to be with me.
She: There is no one reason to be with you–
He: Tsk! So, you are not clear in your head. You are just so unsure… always like this only. Hmph!
She: Actually, I can give you an infinite reasons.
He: Well, why don’t you start now?
She: Okay. The first reason is–
He: Is?
She: —
He: What, you forgot?
She: I love you.
He:<wants to, tries to say something, but a blush conquers her>
She: I was thinking if there was a better way to say it. But, na, this is simply the ultimate way to say it.

LoL – Lots of Love,



photo credit: Aih. via photopin cc

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