Evil Eyes

Palm-size fiction about a weird monster. Word Count ~150. Best read at night, particularly in the dark.

Stepping out of office late in the night, I walked on desolate streets, lost in my thoughts as the rain poured down in sheets. Even after a month, we were still clueless about those bizarre murders, where the victims were left eyeless. It defied all logic that the victims’ hearts stopped for no apparent reason and their eyes were removed without any cuts or gashes, almost magically.

Still stuck in my thoughts, I took a turn. Unfortunately, I bumped into a tall man.

Instinctively I apologized. The man turned behind and I noticed that he was wearing dark eyeglasses even at that hour in the night.

The man simply smiled and opened his shirt.

As I saw those 50 eyes, all over his chest, blink open, I could feel my heart stop.

Now, I’m one of those eyes and we are coming for you too.

Evil Eyes Await You

photo credit: i k o via photopin cc

4 thoughts on “Evil Eyes

  1. haha…OMG…this is macabre…the end gave me the creeps and it’s 12:30 midnight….. i love horror….and this was one great short scary stuff.

    I need your permission for using this story on my Facebook page ‘Some Bedtime Stories’ where we post a short story daily. May I? You will get the full credit as the author.

  2. One thing that has always fascinated me about your write-ups are that they haunt you. They trigger so many questions during and after reading them. In this particular case, I am curious about the narrator. Is the new “evil eye” doing the talking? Very interesting.

    I love the way you have set up the scene. It adds to the effect. Very regular in a way but it’s a tradition to present horror stories in this way.

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