Adolescent Acrimony

Abstract: 1 sentence story talking about how adolescents feel. Word Count ~125.

I say:
1) don’t give me your: sympathy, empathy, apathy, unwarranted benevolent encouragement, disparaging declarations, pearls of wisdom;
2) share with me not your: love, hate, anguish, bitterness, frustration, sorrow, amazement, amusement, musings;
3) trap me not in your: rules, regulations, norms, customs, expectations, broken dreams, irreparable aspirations;
for all I ask is give me nothing; yes, let me yell it out loud and clear to you: give me NOTHING, allowing me to be just me, and
leave me to the peril of my consuming and ravaging journey embarked upon in search of me; which lies in ruins, shattered and tattered in this conformist world of yours; the pieces of which I shall find and glue together to discover my identity.

Adolescent Frustration

Adolescent Frustration || photo credit: Stephen Poff via photopin cc

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