Mind of M D Revilo, a one there.

The Mind of RD REVILO

  • I’ve Got It, Said The COO
  • Cost cutting, I know the way to go
  • Why hire, and train Employees
  • Replace them with, Chimpanzees
  • We’ll saveon, salaries, wages,
  • Overtime, retirements,
  • Healthcare, unemployment
  • Vacation, sick, all benefits
  • All will be rolled back into profits
  • Investors will salivate at our numbers
  • Employees are Chimps, only dumber
  • We’ll save, save, except on bananas
  • Raise revenues, in a ruthless manner
  • We’ll get the best Chimps
  • We’ll recruit using fruit
  • Not pay, the Board
  • Was quick to vote and say
  •  A few months later
  • The proud COO, was promoted
  • At a local restaurant
  • From busboy to Waiter…R.D.Revilo

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