2. Nazam – Get To Know Him

Nazam – Before ‘IT’ happened

Nazam had just finished watching ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ [1] (means ‘something, something happens’) for the umpteenth time and lie lazily on his sofa, staring at the idiot box, but lost in his own beautiful world of dreams. He still couldn’t believe that after all these years, the romance in that movie, the chemistry between that lead couple, the melody of those songs; still struck the chords of his heart. Striking them, ever so beautifully, creating a harmonious symphony that cast a spell of magic on his mind and gripped his heart in warmth. Love – that wasn’t for the fools. Love was for those who wanted to live, for those who wanted to feel alive, for those who wanted to swim in the currents of the world, and for those who wanted to smile.
Nazam lived with a constant smile on his face, for he knew that it was contagious and powerful enough to thwart away the most sadistic of troubles. Ever since Nazam could remember, he wanted to fall in  laaauuoov. Like most Indians, he was tutored well in this divine magic; courtesy of the innumerable movies, advertisements, serials and books. According to him, everything in the world was based out of love. It was the single most pure emotion that had the capacity to give birth to every other fathomable emotion. It was also the emotion that had the power to curb out everything else. Love – f*** the what.
Nazam’s life always had that laid-back and relaxed pace to it. For the past two years, he was employed with a respected management consulting company that recruited only from top tier B-schools in the country and boasted of having the perfect work-life balance for it’s employees. In office, he would always be lost like a bee in a garden full of fragrant and colourful flowers. His eyes just couldn’t get enough of the charming faces, curvy bodies, sexy dresses, intelligent conversations and hot babes from all over India. Every now and then, his heart jumped out and went behind some girl or the other, very much like the Hutch kutta[2]. He knew that he was just another consultant in that big bad world of management consulting. And he knew that his body had to be the differentiation.
Nazam’s mornings always began at 8:00 AM. He would wake up grumpily, come sit on his sofa, switch on television and watch MTV for a while. Awakened not only by the stupid, foolish jokes that the MTV ‘Tickr'[3] subjected it’s viewers to, but also by the sweet songs of romance so early in the morning; he would finally gather his senses. Then he would begin his exercises – 25 push-ups, 50 squats, stretching his body toe-touching, 25 repetitions of dumb-bells in various angles and postures. By 9:00 AM, he would put on his headphone, infinitely loop love songs on his MP3 player and head out for a jog around his gated complex. By 9:30 AM, he would be back to boil two eggs and a glass of milk, which he would finish in a couple of seconds. Then he would bath, get dressed with care applying gel to his fair, sunscreen on his face and head out to office which was close-by, on his bike. By 10:30 AM, he would always be in his seat. Before switching on his laptop to check the mails for the day, he would glance around his desk a full 360 degrees to notice all the beauty that had come in for the day.
Nazam’s day would end by around 8:00 PM and he rarely stayed back in office after that. He loved getting back home to his flat-mate, who was so in love with a girl thousands of miles away from them. This powerful attraction that transcended even space and time, mesmerized him to infinity. He would always love his flat-mate’s banter which was like: “I bought ear-rings for her”, “I hope she is thinking about me”, “I love the way she curls up while she is asleep…” Ah, love – f*** the what.
That wasn’t the only reason he got to his home so quickly. He got home to stand in his balcony and notice all the beautiful women, young 20-something women, strong independent babes, the software professional of India, returning home from work in the evening; to the flats in his complex and several others in his colony. Though his heart didn’t leap out and go behind them, his eyesight scanned each and every millimeter of the bodies of those women from his flat’s balcony which was only on the first floor of his 8-storey building. Love – that wasn’t for the fools.
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Nazam – After ‘IT’ happened

The look of urgency on Nazam’s face, became a permanent fixture. He had to cover up for lost time. All those missed brunches. All those missed dates. All those romantic conversations. All those movie outings. All those places he had to visit. Those auto rides. Those scooty rides. He had known Nazreen for the last 3 months only. That wasn’t sufficient. He simply couldn’t get enough of her.
Her curling up in bed. Her sleeping with her mouth open. The way she would blink her eyes in the morning as sunrays assaulted them. The way she would hold his hand tightly and warmly while watching romantic movies. Her unabashed laughter. Her incessant sexual innuendos. Her cooking for him. The way she would stare with her doe-like eyes. That face of mock anger. That face of playful reproach. The way she would deny and then give in. The way she would unzip his trousers. Ah, the sweetness of live-in. He wanted to convert it into an eternal thing. He was ready to shout out that phrase, thrice ‘Qubool Hai’ (implies I do, it is the phrase employed in Islamic marriage rituals).
Like always, Nazam woke up by 8:00AM. If she was next to him still, he would kiss her on the forehead. Else he would rush to the bathroom to get a glance of her, grumpily brushing her teeth. He would then come over to the living room. If he had a few moments before she came, he would switch on MTV. Boy O Boy! Everywhere he saw, he could see only her face. He had thought that it happened only in movies. But fiction is always based on reality. Mallika Sherawat looked like her. Priyanka Chopra looked like her. Katrina Kaif looked like her. Kareena Kapoor tried to imitate her. Deepika Padukone tried to imitate her. Anushka Sharma[4] tried to imitate her. She was there, everywhere. Then he would start his exercises. Ever since she had come, his exercising had taken more importance. He loved the way she ran her fingers on his biceps and triceps, while in bed. He had to maintain it. He would be doing his exercise, listening to her or watching her sit. She would of course be watching NDTV profit then. He stopped counting the number of repetitions while exercising. He did it as long as his body could bear it. Her appearance filled his eyes. That was all he cared for.
He didn’t want to go to those middle-class restaurants for too long. He wanted to go to those five star hotels and drink wine with her. He didn’t want to ride her Scooty or go around in autos. He wanted to zoom around in his own luxury car. He wanted to deck her up with gold and diamonds. He wanted to give her all the luxuries of the world. He got to office by 10:00 AM everyday. He started working extra hard and spending time on improving his knowledge base post working hours. He stopped looking around in office at all the other women. He didn’t need women. He had found his woman. And he wanted to make her feel like the empress of the world. He became ambitious. His career took importance. Only because of her.
LoL – Lots of love,
Prefix Edition
Suffix Edition
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Original unedited version first blogged on 20120917
[1] Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is an Indian romantic musical movie which released in the late 1990s, and went on to become one of the greatest hits of Indian Film Industry. Read More
[2] Hutch Kutta refers to the pug breed god that has been one of the brand icons of Hutch (India) telecommunications network. This company was later taken over by Vodafone international
[3] MTV Tickr is a small scroll bar that appears on the bottom of the screen on MTV, which generally carried flash text of absolute non-sense
[4] Mallika Sherawat, Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma – all are Indian movie actresses

photo credit: PVBroadz via photopin cc

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