Dear Ganeshji

You leave me this year….

Dear Ganeshji,

Myself Fareeda Parveen from Mumbai. I see you for last 6 days. With big chubby cheeks, big big ears and round stomach, you so cute. Your laddoo that my friend Ram gave me was very sweet.

I seeing you year before also. I like how you change clothes this year. Next year, please wear green or purple, they my favorite, you will look very very good in them.

My friend Ram told me about your father and how you get that elephant head. I do not like your father. My abbu jaan also beats me up, only when I don’t do maths homework. I don’t like my abbu jaan too. Someday he will give me elephant head also. I will also look cute then, na? I like your trunk, so big and long.

Ram is so happy when you around. He is happy even during Diwali, Dushera, Holi, Krishnastami and Gudi Padwa. But only during your time, he is happy for more than one day. I like him when he happy. When he happy, he make me also happy. Why can’t you come longer? Why do you have to go away so fast?

Even Ram’s mother, my auntie treat well when you around. She let me sit in the house and watch TV. Other days, she doesn’t let me in home. My ammi told me that there is only one god. She tell me that we are all his childs. You are also one of them only no?

Ram told me that you go to meet God and then come back next year. This time, can you bring him along with you? I want auntie to know that I’m also god child only. I want my ammi also to meet you. Maybe you scare my abbu jaan too.

Best thing I like when you around is dance and music, dhols and bajas, yestirday we dance for 2 hours! But you were leaving…

I feel sad you leave me this year. I wait for you next year. Please wear green or purple.

Yours sinceerly,


P.S: Sorry if sinceerly is not correct word. We just begin to learn to write letters.

*** The End ***

Author’s note:

1. The grammar is deliberately off the charts.

2. Hope no one’s religious sentiments are hurt; let the author know and he assures you that the post would be pulled out.


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