Defeated but not withered

Tallest Mountain, show to me,

said i once, i shall move it.

Greatest fear, ask it to face me,

Blurted out i once, i shall frighten it.

Strongest evil, come out in front of me,

threatened i once, i shall bury u in joy.

With tattered will,

And moisty eyes,

Scared face, i stand at the crossroads,

watching everybody race past me.

Defeated by foolishness,

Conquered by weakness,

Disillusioned by misty future,

Injured i lie on the battle grounds,

heart and mind, y did u fight?

Ditch i cant, hope at any cost,

A new morning, Tomorrow,

With many new promises,shall come.

Wait i shall, for no messiah,

walk on this sweating tiring journey,

with watever left with me, I SHALL.

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