There I killed her…

Amidst the shallow cries of today’s boredom,

Arises this mystic voice, beckoning us to come,

Following her into the astounding mysteries of nature,

Into the stupefying secrets of every creature,

Enroute to becoming adept at the Mother’s language,

Preparing for a millions battle to wage.

But imprisoned by this inertia so filthy,

Showing the easy shorter way to becoming wealthy,

Flourishing where learning is not encouraged,

As a destitute, I lie enraged.

Exists in me, no will, to fight the world,

Out to nothingness, I can’t see myself hurled.

A better friend would defeat be,

I wont get tht, the world would see.

Her company,delightful, no doubt is,

Difficult, going against this wave of ignorance, surely is.

The dilemma within me, burning like hell,

To the wordly pleasures i fell…

There, i killed her…

*** The End ***

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